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  • 24-7 Safety Rotator
  • 24-7 Safety Rotator

Would you know what to do in the event of an accident in your workplace?

Are you confident that you have the right health and safety procedures in place to prevent injury to your employees and customers?


In many industries, health and safety at work can be a matter of life or death. If you own a company, you are personally accountable for anything that happens in your workplace.


If an accident occurs due to poor preparation and lack of health and safety measures, you will not only face bad publicity – there will be legal fees and compensation claims to pay and, in severe cases, you could even end up serving a prison sentence.


Don’t risk fatalities in your workplace for the price of a one-day training course with 24/7 Safety!


No business or organisation is exempt from health and safety legislation. Even if you are working from home or self-employed, you should still learn the basics of First Aid, food and hygiene, and fire safety. Our training courses also cover door security, safety in construction, and social care training.


Many employers wait for problems to arise before they address the issue of health and safety.


Not only is this unacceptable in terms of your moral obligations to your employees, it is also a large oversight of the cost implications accidents; it makes business sense to invest in health and safety today, not tomorrow.


Don’t want to leave the office? We can come to you! Contact us today on 01289 303333 to discuss your requirements for health and safety training in Northumberland.