• 24-7 Safety Rotator
  • 24-7 Safety Rotator
  • 24-7 Safety Rotator

Is your workplace safe? Are your work practices current and appropriate? Do your staff comply with current procedures and working practices?


If you don’t know the answer to those questions, then a health and safety audit is your next step.


We can send one of our independent health and safety auditors in Northumberland to your premises to conduct a thorough audit of your working procedures. Depending on your needs, this can cover everything from environmental safety to fire safety awareness.


Following a full survey of your business, we will provide you with a written report and proposed package together with a competitive price for our services. We will then draw up a service level agreement, detailing exactly what you can expect from us during the contract.


Leading health and safety auditors in Northumberland working throughout the UK


With experienced auditors versed in many different auditing systems, we are well-placed to offer exceptional auditing services. We take a sensible approach to identifying legal compliance, best practice, and areas of concern.


This encompasses:


  • Identifying any weakness in health and safety policy and its application
  • Recommending action to maintain or improve performance
  • Assessing effectiveness of management and staff actions to control risks
  • Measuring strengths and weaknesses of performance to establish an action plan
  • Recognising your achievements in health and safety compliance
  • Providing your organisation with the opportunity to win health and safety awards


24/7 utilise an ISO standard for auditing, and your audit inspection can be expanded or modified to include other specific requirements that your organisation may have.

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